The Only 2 "Secrets" you need to Optimize Your Health and Appearance

#1 Re-learn to MOVE like the predator you are evolved to be. 

 Balanced, efficient movements.  

Strength through your full range of motion.

Painless, wide-range joint mobility.

Confidence under both good and adverse conditions.

 These are traits of an apex predator.  Humans are THE apex predator on planet Earth.  Sadly, modern life has stripped away these abilities in many of us. But there are NO expiration dates on any part of our bodies!  These things can be regained!

 For my time and money, martial arts training is the best way to pursue and refine these traits.  Martial skills act as the perfect compass for physical training as it directs your training efforts in an evolutionarily sound direction.  In both modern and ancient times our greatest physical threats have always come from other humans.  Training the physical and intellectual skills to thrive in assault situations builds us in the optimal direction for lifelong health and eudemonic well being. 

 If you can move like an elite predator, you move through your day with ease.


 #2 STOP feeding your body.

 We FEED livestock. You need to FUEL your body. Not FEED it.

 Incite a paradigm shift where you FUEL your body for your daily activates and a world of health and vitality will open to you.

 How do you do this?

 Rethink everything you ingest. Unless you are intellectually lazy, this really should not be that hard and it is absolutely worth it.

 There is no perfect, one size fits all diet for everyone. People have different goals. Different chemical make-ups. Different biological tendencies. But we all share common evolutionary roots.  Therefore, the best place for anyone to start revamping their fueling habits is by looking at what humans were evolved to eat. Omit everything else from your regular diet. Then feel free to experiment with yourself and always continue studying. Don't take any food for granted.

 Isn't this work? Yes.

 Is it worth it? More than I can convey.


If you are not willing to do things you have never done before, you will be stuck with what you have.

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Sifu Nick Edmonds

Red Light Martial Arts, Phoenix

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